Pussy Whipped – a monologue

Here I am at the Tap & Spile pub reading one of my monologues as part of the mini Curiad Bangor Pulse event in October 2016. Great fun and a great festival celebrating the best of  music, spoken word and comedy in Bangor and North Wales.


Pontio Jazz Quartet

Video Link: here.

Filmed by Roy Farmer. This is a small piece regarding the ‘building of bridges’. Created for the 2017 Bangor Music Festival to promote the Pontio building and what it stands for. This marks the first time I’ve viewed my face on the big screen… not the prettiest of sights.

The Delusions of Arthur

Video Link: Here.

Produced entirely by Mike Revell, starring myself. Here I play an unemployed, middle aged man down on his luck who is confronted by a time travelling king Arthur, searching for the sword in the stone. It is a photo still video with soundtrack, and it makes for a lovely 3-minute gentle comedy.

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