I’m a comedy writer and occasional performer but I haven’t always been!

I was brought up in the East riding in a semi-rural area and left school as soon as I could and went to work as a stockman on a local farm. After 5 years of shovelling stuff that no one should get that intimately acquainted with, I left farming and thought it best to get an education. Sometime later I emerged from Leeds with a BA hons, Bradford with a Masters and Oxford with a PGCE. Sheesh!

I’ve done a number of different occupations from farming, bookselling, Yorkshire pudding packing (!) teaching, busking and social work to name but a few. Some travelling, with and without guitar, to places that I loved and places that I was glad to see the back of. I guess I’m filling a stereotype of the guy who finds writing later in life and can put all that lovely experience of years spent ‘doing other stuff’ to good use in an area that he now feels most comfortable with. Hey, it’s my life and I’m happy with it!

I’m currently plugging a five act Tragi – comedy drama for theatre and pushing a sitcom pilot in the face of any TV producer’s/commissioning editor/executive/media god of entertainment who will look at it.

Well, I’ll add more, tweak, change, rant, post more stuff when I can…nah, that’s a lie. More like when I can be ars…oh hi there. You’re a commissioning editor for INSERT MEDIA COMPANY OF CHOICE and you want to produce my sitcom? Great! Yeah, of course! I work everyday, 26 hours a day and can exist on nothing else other than a diet of bitter tasting rejection letters and two trips to the toilet a day. Oh, ok. Just one trip then. Brilliant!

Ta ra.



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