Publications are listed below in order of date.

Pint-Sized Plays: Volume 4. 2017.

Casabangor was the winning play of 2016, and can be seen in video format here.

Generation Z: Zombies, Popular Culture and Educating Youth. 2016.

Published by Springer International. Chapter 13, Killing Me Softly, is a dark comedy regarding a supply teacher slowly becoming a zombie in an educational world where the vast majority of students and faculty have already become zombies. This is my magnum opus to the world of teaching.

The piece focuses on the zombifying of teachers within the neo-liberal education system… focusing on teachers and children.

The Coast to Coast Writing Competition (2008 Winner’s Anthology).

Receiving the Bob Cooper prize for humour with the short story A Quiet Night In.

The story is about a Halloween monster meeting, where they meet for their traditional game of cards on Halloween before they venture out to scare the children of the world. However, the late 20th/early 21st century has changed them, much to the chagrin of one of their members.



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